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5 favorite bands:
1.Daphne Loves Derby
3.Races To April
5.Fall Out Boy

Favorite hardcore vocalist and why?:eh, probably James Munos from The Bled. and because he doesnt have some regular generic scream, and he can do alot with his voice.

Favorite cigarettes, or are you edge?:camel lights and marlboro reds.

3 favorite things:music and frisbee.


Why are you cool enough to be in here?i was cool enough for you to promote to me, and cool enough to fill out the application. and because i could give 2 shits what anyone thinks about me.

How many people have you fucked?3.

Are you a slut?not too much.

Put down a quote thats important to you:"just remember that in fifteen years, none of this will matter at all"

:-now post 3 face pics-:

:- post 3 body shots-:

:-and 3 random-:
ian taking a piss

my homecoming date.

my cat larry, he gets around.

-Post one 200x200 for the members page-
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oh. this isn't a vote. (because i have to talk to adam about it, so we can make a decision). But congrats on being the only applicant that actually listens to hardcore, is actually hot, and someone I promoted directly to. (oh and someone who will more than likely accepted.)

more than likely BE* accepted.

yeah, ive noticed the other people that applyed arent really what i was expecting.
it slightly bothers me *sigh*. I think it's because I hand select people I promote to if I go to personal journals. and I also promoted in those community promo communities. I'm reallly about to stamp people. Just to get this shit over with haha.

I figure I should just accept you. I know what Adam would say. Since me and adam are practically the same person.

So, you're in.

fuck yeah.

the only thing that would make me say no is jealousy.

Name: Heather


5 favorite bands:
1.agony scene dalhia murder

Favorite hardcore vocalist and why?:probley the scramer fomr FFTL.

Favorite cigarettes, or are you edge?:marlboro reds

3 favorite things: hair wax and hair BDM shirt.


Why are you cool enough to be in here?honestly i could care less if i am or not.

How many people have you fucked? 3

Are you a slut? i dont think i am .

Put down a quote thats important to you:"were obsessed with beauty"

:-now post 3 face pics-:

:- post 3 body shots-:-:

:-and 3 random:

-Post one 200x200 for the members page-

ohh dear, post it in the community, not here, and do it behind an lj cut.